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Catholic School Kid in DC looking at an Native American


This engagement between two people in a protest in DC really means absolutely nothing. It demonstrates that our media has officially lost its mind in its pursuit of ANYTHING to say for any given day. The desire to support job security trumps journalistic ethics and integrity today and right now.

How did this happen? Well, someone thought it would be a good idea to visit DC, the home of protests and gatherings. Maybe they figured it was a light news day and thought they could make something appear to relevant. Low and behold, an anti-abortion protest, how convenient. Oh, how much better, a Catholic school from Kentucky bused kids down I guess as some kind of experience. Oh sh!t, the kids, at their current age and level of maturity don’t fully understand where they are beyond being raised to understand and told by their spiritual leaders, school and teachers that the practice is adorable. What was supposed to happen?

So, while his friends behind him watch and giggle or laugh, a young boy “stairs down” a person that we’ll call native American because we don’t actually know anything about him other that he doesn’t look like the kid and he’s beating a drum. It looks more like he had a bet with freinds that he won’t laugh out loud while staring at the person. The entire event is reduced to a joke by the school’s attendance, lack of supervision and failure to deliver supportive context before the kids engaged the crowd. So let’s give the school a pass, let’s say it was a bad idea. The media in America that has truly lost its mind and there’s no excuse for their behavior.

Source: Social Sledgehammer

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