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David Brock the Steve Bannon Wannabe

David Brock is the royal ass of the Democratic party. He’s coming alive again as politics start to heat up ahead of the 2020 election. The title of the article compares him to Steve Bannon because David Brock, beyond is dangerous to democracy. This guy actually believes he still carries influence after his candidate was defeated in 2016. He’s an idiot. Steve Bannon is an idiot too. This country is lost as long as guys like these exist to sway voters using big data and social network tools.

I would submit that after the 2016 election and the last 4 years of the Trump administration, after all the in-fighting and the lack of progress in this country, It’s like two dogs fighting over a bone even when its been taken by a third dog.

  • A trade war with China, the country that was handed all of the US manufacturing in a globalization push.
  • An angry Wall St. that saw the lost of everyone’s 401K savings up and to the end of this last year. Whether you are a republican or democrat, all this has hit my main street and if this blog reaches anyone in political office, I don’t think the US is great again and I don’t think either party of the two parties care.
  • Government shutdown (both parties)

So, why is David Brock dangerous? Well, asshole represented Hillary in 2016 which says a lot about his complete incompetence. Unlike Bannon and the RNC that leverage technology, big data sets they had access to courtesy of Naveen Jain’s company Intelius (renamed iNome) and his former CTO (CTO of both the RNC and Cambridge Analytica before and during 2016), David Brock likely sat on his ass trying to understand what just screwed him as he lost in an election that saw the first popular vote turn over of it’s kind. It wasn’t magic, it was tech. It was deep data like Facebook ID’s. Yeah, that’s right, the Facebook users IDs! The ID’s that carried your data, in Cambridge’s case 50 million+ users data that was highly detailed. So basically, Brock was and still is out of his league outside of a big mouth and the ear of a bunch of old freaking dems that need to retire or go away.

Brock is dangerous because he calls Bernie dangerous. He says the Dems need to remove him early. Again, it’s wrong. I think Brock is an operative offering direction and advice to an aging Dem party that is not in touch with the current US and its people and a party that has no clue what their doing when it comes to running a campaign in the current age. It’s like, did they think just placing ads on networks was enough? Stupid idiots. Do they have any idea that the best guys in SEM and SEO and network ads are from the old eastern block? Yea, that’s right, like Russian!

If this post does anything of value it will terminate David Brock’s influence and reduce him to a nobody, just as Bannon was. Both are bad for America. America needs to think and vote on what is truth if they can find it.

Source: Social Sledgehammer

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