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Facebook faces off with the faceless

A quote from a CNBC article this morning pretty much identical the problem Facebook faces, for that matter, the problem we all face as stupid users that allowed a f—king boy to literally manage and control our personal data!

The quote reads:

“Based on a tip from the FBI on Nov. 4, the company identified and removed a total of 99 Instagram accounts, 36 Facebook accounts and 6 Facebook pages. About $4,500 in ad spending came from those pages, though none of the ads ran in the U.S., the company said.”

Why is it so damning? In the right hands, the use of Facebooks API and ads are so powerful you can literally take a hundred accounts (100), and start a riot in a small country!

Kids with toys, you, human toys, at scale with zero oversight. What did we expect would happen?

Disclaimer, I don’t hate Facebook, I hate that people joined like shear to the slaughter and knowingly gave ALL their info to a system run by babies!

Amazon knows who I am because I trust them! I do hate them for what they’ve done to my town and small retail but that’s another article



Source: Social Sledgehammer

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