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Mohammad Bin “Stalin” Salman Al Saud

DATE: 11/20/2018

Preface: No one hates a country, that’s not really possible, they hate tyrants in leadership roles…

Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America will maintain his relationship with Saudi Arabia as is and status quo despite the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Recent downturns on Wall St. demonstrated the sheer monetary impact and financial market influence and power the Kingdom has over the US economy. Much like the UK House of Lords have chosen to do, the US will buckle to economic pressures. So what’s the message? Trump hates the press enough to want them killed. What if the next Saudi hit squad hits a US Press target! It’s a damn free for all now…..

America, you need to understand the current Stalinist like culture in Saudi Arabia. First, America, they don’t really like you or the way you live your lives. It’s vital that, in this explanation, you don’t confuse Islam with Saudi Arabia as they are NOT THE SAME. The Saudi Kingdom does have a lot of money and they use it to support our economy and Europe’s economy to a significant measure. You could call Saudi Arabia and their purchasing globally integral to the former global economy (That would be Pre Trump and Pre Brexit). Many Americans sit back and think, “what do I care about Saudi Arabia,” or “is that like ISIS?” or “I don’t speak Arabic, make America great again!”. Saudi Arabia has become important despite its backward leadership, the sub-third world living conditions of 90% of its subjects and vast and numerous human rights violations perpetrated daily by the Kingdom leadership and their down-line cronies.



Mohammad Bin “Stalin” Salman Al Saud Stalin like behaviors:

  • Imprisons those that oppose him in country
  • Recovers/Retrieves “subjects” that oppose him out of country
  • Murders “subjects” that report human rights abuses out of country with kill squads
  • KGB/SS style police working under his regime terrorizing “subjects” in country
  • Detain and hold “subjects” in pretrial detention for months and even years without charge or trial
  • Execution of “subjects” for crimes that are not considered the most serious under international law

Stop the madness!
Here’s an idea, instead of building an army of hate that vilianizes the west and encourages the worship of the Kingdom, why not build a utopian society with all the oil wealth? A society, a population of highly educated people that will sustain and develop the kingdom. Use the wealth to create, not destroy. Use it to promote the people not yourself! A really beautiful thought, unfortunately there’s one problem here, no educated citizens stay, they leave to attend school outside the country and unless you’re an idiot or your related to the royal family, you’d never go back. There’s no reason.



The Future of the Kingdom
The kingdom will fall and is doomed to fail under the modern day Mohammad Bin “Stalin-man” Al Saud. The world watched as a reporter was murdered and nothing was done. In fact, efforts to make that story go away were undertaken, efforts to push it out of the news online.  We watched as the world accepted the death in exchange for feeble excuses and economic benefits. Our position and that of the UK House of Lords explain that, “ that’s the way it is in Saudi Arabia”. This reporter is just one of so so many of Saudi subjects killed everyday. The entire country isn’t really a country any longer, it’s a detention center for its citizens or “subjects”. The rest of the population, the .05% are the sycophants on the kingdom payroll kissing ass,  driving Ferrari’s and flying private. Maybe you’re the middle class and your job is to harass the subjects and chop them in the back of the neck in the town square as needed or string them up for public display. For this you’re paid and your family eats. Throughout history, the names are different but the leaders are the same, Stalin, Hitler, Tomas de Torquemada, Timur, Talat Paşa, Mao Zedong.


Daily Mail Reports

Source: Social Sledgehammer

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