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Saudi Arabia – What did you really expect

Here’s the deal. The Saudi Royal Family (SRF) has become a aging joke in the region. There have no purpose, they are worthless to their people, at least the poorest 80%. They have no social vision for improving the lives of all in their country and it is for this reason, they will be dethroned and ultimately discarded.

You see, the killing of a reporter is a very very bad thing. Now, we all know in the US we have both good and bad reporters, Yes, sometimes they are assholes and other times they surprise us in a good way offer real editorial works instead of those that pay the bills. We would like to express anger at them at times, BUT we simply don’t kill them.

In Saudi Arabia, apparently, you can be killed for reporting information to the world. They will chop you up while you are still alive to punish you then discard your body. This will be done under the authority of the highest authority, the SRF.

Down with the corrupt regime! Down with the SFR!

As a US citizen, and as I recall, Osama Bin Ladin was a member of the SFR.


Source: Social Sledgehammer

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