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The Fall of Facebook

The Facebook

What started as a curiosity to the public, growing out of the halls of academia and taking on a life of its own in current culture has now become a stage for manipulators and trolls seeking to influence and disrupt. Despite offering solutions to repair or monitor and stop the troll madness, the only solution to date is human supported by light AI. I suspect it will be helpful, but, the truth is, the trolls are people with opinions as much as often as they are real trolls supporting an agenda. How many times has it happened that a Facebook “friend” has posted an outright lie/fake article link? The number of times boggles the mind. Facebook can’t stop this, it is impossible. About the only strategy I can think of to save Facebook is, remove all people that are not expressly your friends. Remove all people that don’t share your political leanings, remove all friends that post inaccurate or false information. If I did this, all I would have is my surfing buddies from California (except for one, he’d have to go on the false posting rule and he was a former police officer!).

Perhaps it is the path of all things that rise and fall in the US Internet media. MySpace age out, AOL chatrooms and pedophiles, The “Dark Web”, LinkedIn user database hack, Yahoo user database hack, on and on and on….

The truth is, none of Internet services, both social media and eCommerce were really designed and implemented, they were hacked together to get to market. It’s freaking hard to secure sites and the data contained within them. Each breach develops a huge opportunity that compounds as data from other breaches are mashed up. “The People” have no idea what’s really going on!

Amazon is, as I know it, the only entity that has not been hacked to date. This is as I know it. If it’s true, it is at a huge cost in resources they remain secure. Well thought out architecture of systems that insure attacks and attempts are caught.


Source: Social Sledgehammer

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