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The Warmbier Parents Try to Sue Kim Jong Un

The parents of Otto Warmbier — the 22-year-old University of Virginia student who died on June 19, 2017, after being released from North Korean captivity — sued the country on Thursday, claiming that they “brutally tortured and murdered” him, according to court documents provided to PEOPLE and made available online.

I ask you, what exactly does it mean when someone sues a small country that is hostile towards to US? What exactly is the expectation? What does a response look like. Well, it’s going to look empty.

Welcome to world of the Kardashians and a bunch of media weird shit where people enter into actions that make no sense. Imagine this was your son. No I take that back, imagine your son was a marine serving the US. Now, if he was sent to a hostile land and into combat, our country will support him in combat with leadership and artillery as well as communication. If, and I mean god forbid, he is killed in action, this was an known and accepted risk undertaken on behalf of this country and freedom.

Where the Warmbier’s fail is in their effort to sue a small hostile country in which their son sidestepped the US policy on visitation to North Korea by signing up to tour the region with a Chinese tour operator intentionally to gain access. So, unlike the above, he sought out this experience. Sadly the whole thing went wrong.

Suing North Korea is just a media stunt and it avoids a very real issue, Otto went and his parents feel guilty and bad. It was Otto’s choice, he did it and the hostile country did what it does.

Source: Social Sledgehammer

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