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Trump pardons Mohammed “Stalin” Salman

Trump pardons Mohammed bin “Stalin” Salman giving him a pass and suddenly Wall St. and the markets come back on Wednesday. Now how is that possible, let’s see, it wouldn’t be because Saudi wealth is tied to our economy and that of the rest of the world?

Their money is back in, thank you Saudi Arabia for the reintroduction of investment dollars. Our economy would be a desert without you (there’s irony here). Seriously, we mean it, it’s a absolutely true. We sell you technology, we sell you arms and aircraft. The US and the UK and many of the EU countries would be broke without you.

I think the real question here is, should your leader be given a pass for the murder of Jumal and the murders in Yemen and the murders of Saudi subjects? The UK looked away, now the US under president Donald Trump has looked away by proxy.

All this will come back haunt not only the US but all countries that are complicit. Complicit in the acceptance and support of leadership that kills  and imprisons those that seek social change and the betterment of lives in a country wealthy enough to build a true utopia. Saudi Arabia, what a complete failure. Donald Trump, what an embarrassment to our nation.  Dwight D. Eisenhower would have called you a coward. John McCain saw it too and made his feeling crystal clear before passing away!

Source: Social Sledgehammer

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