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Wanring: Young Punks Program Social Apps


This is written to let consumers know that every time you use personal information in any online application or service, you are exposed. You need to think about what you add, what you share, and seriously scrutinize the website and service before engaging. We’d recommend, in some cases, creating a false profile/user to test first.

Here’s the truth. As much as I respect the kids coming out of computer science programs in schools around the world, they are not really taught, in full, security. They are taught, in at least a couple classes, defensive coding techniques. Most of this revolves around controlling input by users to insure a script kiddy or real programming hack doesn’t simply enter data that will hard or exploit an application and allow access to either run a script or worse yet, backend data.

Backend data, or database data, is where your freaking information lives. This is the holly grain of hackers around the world that seek to attack and gain access to this data so they can resell it. In lots of cases, the best of the best will message out a decoy press side that suggests their intentions were harmless, that is bullshit. The truth is, the savviest of hackers know the value of that sets. They also know which companies use young inexperienced kids with little supervision. They can smell it when they look at the visible traces available on the Internet that reveal their stack (the software behind their site).

CASE LINKEDIN Hacked : I can’t stress enough the importance your choices online will have upon your current and future live. In this case Linkedin was hacked and 50 million users and their password were made available as it was posted on torrents worldwide. imagine if you will, this is a “Business” social network, which is a joke in and of itself, whose value proposition is the development of you career and business life. Imagine, for a period of time unknown, someone or many people could have acted as you or worse yet, a script/program acted as you or any of your business relationships. It happened. It is still happening. People didn’t change their passwords! What’s worse, and I can’t stress enough how much worse, OLD PEOPLE don’t monitor or keep updated on data exploits and they likely didn’t change password or have schedule to do so. All their accounts likely use the same damn password!!!! I promise you they do. In this case, any account from Linkedin presents an additional value to the person with that data, which is like everyone.

Source: Social Sledgehammer

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