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Why Microsoft sucks, let me count the ways

If you’re going to release a product that tried to encroach on #SLACK dominance in the area of teams, then don’t joke repackage Sharepoint, call it Teams and confuse newer admins with a product that is prone to problems because it uses Sharepoint as a backend platform. 

I needed a workspace for collaborating internal and external users today and thought I would open up the new Office365 Teams and see how it rolls.

Final word….. Whatever, unimpressed.

If I’m going to go to the trouble I’ll make a Sharepoint and configure it. Yeah, that is a hassle and annoyingly harder then it should be but it’s a product with years behind it and users behind it. Teams is like some scrape off to work or look like a #SLACK.

I’m not an old MS hater from way back despite preferring Unix/Linux. MS is annoying. Make something great with all your resources, both human and other. Seriously. It must be that you have developer mouths to feed and you have no better ideas, see that’s a shame. Maybe you’re all to comfortable living off the MS Office Suite of products and that’s why innovation takes a second seat?




Source: Social Sledgehammer

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